Booster Club Information

Booster​ Club is an organization of parents, players, and community members that work to raise money to provide team meals to traveling athletes in grades 6-12. We ask that each FAMILY donate $65 to help ease the burden of raising money.  This is a ONE-time donation and it is PER FAMILY, not per child, not per sport. 

Also, Booster Club is responsible for working the gate, clock, book, concession and hospitality room during the Basketball Tournament in December.  We usually earn enough money through the $65 dues and the tournament to provide meals for the entire year, trophies & awards at the banquet, and some money for camps in the summer.  

Please help us keep this going by paying the $65 dues and volunteering during the tournament.  We have had so many wonderful people step up and help us provide for our athletes.  Thanks in advance for your help.

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