4th Grade

This is the code to join my 4th grade class.  If you already have an account but aren't linked to my class the code you need is at the end of the link.


Assignments for the week of April 13-16

1. Log into Google Classroom
2. Work on Khan Academy

Please spend 30 minutes per day working on your grade level in Khan Academy.  I will assign work at the beginning of the week and update it each Sunday.  I would suggest setting some type of timer to help keep track of your time.  Rubric for grading  http://www.quickrubric.com/r#/qr/kvictor/learning-from-home
Don't forget about working on your multiplication facts.  You can do that on MobyMax, with flash cards, card games, or paper/pencil.

Please practice typing by logging into your account on Typing Agent.  You can use the link on the left side of this page.  Set a timer to keep track of your time.  Don't forget to play some games as well. :)

Social StudiesWe don't have any assignments in SS, but you can play the games dealing with the states and capitals in the link on the left side of the page.  

CursivePlease continue to practice your cursive by writing letters to your friends or family members and mailing them.  I will be send packets home to some of you to help you with the sizing of your letters.  If you would like a packet and I didn't send one home for your child please let me know.