11th Grade Math

Assignments for May 11-12

Final Exam:  Your final exam is due Tuesday, May 12, but you may take it anytime between now and Tuesday.  For your final exam I would like for you to take one more STAR test.  Follow the instructions below.

1. Go to elidaschools.net 
2. Click on "For Students"
4. Click on "STARS Testing"
5. Click on "I'm a Student"
6. Login using your username and password.  For most students the username and password is below, if this doesn't work contact me and I will double check yours individually. 
Username: firstname.lastname
Password: tigers
7. Follow the directions to take the STAR Math test.
8.  Once you complete the test be sure to submit and log out.  

I know it's been a weird year, but I want to thank you for your hard work and wish you a wonderful summer!

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