• Due Dates: Below is a guide to structure your week, however all assignments are due by Sunday at midnight.
  • Goal: To shorten the course due to a lack of time I hope to give you an introduction to differentiation and integration. 
  • Contact me if you plan to take CLEP test for college calculus credit. 
 Assignments for May 11-12


  1. Definite integral as the limit of a Riemann sum (4-minute video)
  2. Definite integral as the limit of a Riemann sum (article)
  3. Worked example: Rewriting definite integral as limit of Riemann sum (5-minute video)
  4. Worked example: Rewriting limit of Riemann sum as definite integral (6-minute video)
  5. Definite integral as the limit of a Riemann sum (4 questions)


  1. Integration and accumulation of change: Quiz 1 (7 questions)

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