Driver's Education

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Coach Chenault
Call me for help.

Hey Driver's Ed Peeps,

I know you miss me so much.  I sort of miss you.

Seriously, we have to still do a lot of work for Driver's Education Completion. PLEASE, PLEASE read ALLof the chapters. There is a lot of information in the reading that will help you pass the MVD test on the first try. You will do 1 section paper and the test of every chapter. TWO chapters a week will need to be completed. The end of the year FINAL is MANDATORY.

In your packet is also your referral card, a letter verifying your enrollment in schoo, and your driver's hourly log. Remember to go to your MVD, take these 2 papers with you. I think, hope, they're not completely closed down. CALL FIRST!  (575) 356-8711 I'm sure you'll also need birth certificates and 2 proofs of residence (utility bills) - they must have a physical address not a PO Box. 


Driver's Ed Assignments

April 6: Chapter 7 & 8 

 Chapter 7.pdf Chapter 7pt2 Ch 8.pdf Chapter 8pt2.pdf
C7 - 7-1 Test
C8 - 8-3 Test

April 13 Chapter 9 & 10
Chapter 9pt1.pdf Chapter 9pt2.pdf Chapter 9pt3.pdf Chapter 9pt4.pdf
Chapter 10pt1.pdf Chapter 10pt2.pdf Chapter 10pt3.pdf Chapter 10pt4 Ch11.pdf

C9 - 9-4 Test
C10 - 10-2 Test

April 20 Chapter 11 & 12
Chapter 11 (starts in link above) Chapter 11pt1.pdf Chapter 11pt2.pdf
Chapter 11pt3.pdf Chapter 11pt4.pdf Chapter 12pt1.pdf Chapter 12pt2.pdf

Chapter 12pt3.pdf Chapter 12pt4 Ch 13pt1.pdf
C11 - 11-2 Test
C12 - 12-3 Test

April 27 Chapter 13 & 14
Chapter 13 (starts in link above) Chapter 13pt2.pdf Chapter 13pt3 Ch 14pt1.pdf
Chapter 14pt2.pdf  Chapter 14pt3.pdf Chapter 14pt4.pdf
C13 - 13-1 Test
C14 - 14-4 Test

May 4 Chapter 15 & 16
Chapter 15pt1.pdf Chapter 15pt2.pdf Chapter 15pt3.pdf Chapter 15pt4.pdf
Chapter 15pt5.pdf
Chapter 16pt1.pdf Chapter 16pt2.pdf Chapter 16pt3 Ch 17pt1.pdf
C15 - 15-4 Test
C16 - 16-1 Test

May 11 Chapter 17 & 19
Chapter 17 (starts in link above) Chapter 17pt2.pdf Chapter 17pt3.pdf
Chapter 17pt4.pdf Chapter 18pt4 Ch 19pt1.pdf Chapter 19pt2.pdf
Chapter 19pt3.pdf Chapter 19pt4.pdf Chapter 19pt5.pdf
C17 - 17-1, 17-3 Test
C19 - 19-4 Test

May 18 FINAL