Mr. Southard

Hello From Your AG Teacher  


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I would like to start out by welcoming you to our new online Agriculture class.  I look forward to hearing from each of you.  My main goal is to keep our class as simple as possible for you. I know that each of our lives have been impacted by these crazy and unpredictable times.  This change has opened new doors for our class and it will be a success if we use it to our advantage.  Many of you have been busy working, babysitting and doing things to help your family.  This is great and I appreciate the fact that you are all strengthening family relationships while building skills that will prove very useful in your bright futures.  Leading me to believe that many of you are learning much more at home than maybe you had thought.  Our class will be journal based with each student being responsible for four journal entries each week.  We have seven weeks remaining of our school year so you will be responsible for 28 journal entries total from now until the end of school. Each entry will tell me about a task that you have worked on.  For example house work, gardening, ranch/farm work, babysitting, 4-H/FFA Projects or maybe you have found a job in this time at home etc.   
Each journal entry should tell the following three things?
1. What Job or Task did you do?
2. What was gained by this task?
3. What did you learn from this task?
Please use paragraph form with a at least 4-5 sentences per paragraph.  Each journal entry will need 1 paragraph minimum.
Passing grade will require at least 3 journal entries per week.
Each weeks journal entries can be emailed to me as one document each week.
Make sure your name is included when work is sent.

Entries are due via email by Saturday Midnight of each week. 
My Email is
For those that don't have access to email please text me or call me at 575-760-0880.