8th Grade Science

Earth Science (8th grade)

Planet Research


  • Pick a planet from our solar system.

  • Teach me about your planet.

  • Do not plagiarize.

  • One page typed (double spaced) or hand written.

  • Build or draw a model of the planet you research. (this is the fun part)

  • Due date; April 16th.

  • Email me a picture of your model if you can. vtorske@elidaschools.net

How it will be graded

  • If all requirements are completed and turned in on time you will earn an A or 99%.

Earth Science 8th grade

Studying the Sun

How does the position of the setting Sun change?


  1. Several minute before sunset, estimate where the Sun will set on the western horizon.  On a sheet of paper, draw prominent features, such as buildings and trees, to the north and south of the Sun’s estimated setting position.

  2. As the Sun sets, draw its position relative to the fixed features on the horizon.  Caution: Never look directly at the Sun; eye damage may result.

  3. Note the date and time of your observation on your drawing. 

  4. Return to the same position several days later.  Using the same drawing, repeat the activity and note the position of the setting Sun.  Wait several more days and do the activity one more time.

Think about it

  1. How did the Sun’s position at sunset change over the course of your observations?


  1. Based on your observations, predict where the Sun might set in several weeks time.  Sketch that location on your drawing relative to the fixed features on the horizon.


Due date

May 4th

How to turn in finished assignment.

You can email or text me a picture of your assignment or you can send assignment in packet.


Phone number-(575)910-9334


Thank you- Mr.Torske

Earth Science (8th grade)

Rube Goldberg Project


  • Find out what a Rube Goldberg is?

  • Build a Rube Goldberg with at least 5 different mechanical parts.

  • Due date; May 18th

  • Video your Rube Goldberg in action and send me the video. vtorske@elidaschools.net, or Text video to (575)640-3611

  • Have fun!

How it will be graded

  • Each mechanical part will earn you up to 20 points for a total of 100.

  • It must be turned in by May 18th for credit.